High Voltage Rock and Roll

Formed during the Reagan administration, amid MTV's heyday, Ray-Bans, Rubik's Cubes, Molly Ringwald movies, & VHS tapes, teen rockers KRYER reached a pinnacle in 1987, winning the Rahway High School Battle of the Bands with their debut performance.  Since then, the original lineup of Kevin Brady [vocals], Mark Kohut [guitar], John Soos [drums], & Sean "MeanScene" Tevlin [bass] have kept in touch but didn’t reunite until a celebratory 30-year anniversary citywide comeback show in 2017, which marked only their second performance.  Back in the 80's the fearless Linden teens entered the, now legendary, Rahway Battle of the Bands in March of '87 with no means to pay the sound engineer & PA rental unless they emerged victorious.  The first-place earnings would afford them just enough money to cover their expenses.  KRYER recalls, “losing was just not an option”, nor did anybody in the band even entertain the awkward predicament of facing the sound company without sufficient funds to cover the cost of the night.  Not only did KRYER meet their epic champion vision, but Mark left the battle with the “Excalibur of all axes”.  Trixter's soon to be manager, Ken Makow, was in the audience that night and presented Mark with one of Eddie Van Halen's guitars as a token of interest.  Shortly after, KRYER disbanded, graduated high school, and each of the four band members pursued other musical endeavors while maintaining contact & friendship in their adult years.  Today, the members of KRYER remain nostalgic yet active after their reunion and continue to thrive & deliver high voltage rock ’n’ roll in the same spirit & vigor as their youth.



Kevin Brady- Vocals

Mark Christopher Kohut- Guitar, Vocals

Sean Tevlin- Bass, Vocals

John Soos- Drums, Vocals

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KRYER plays a great mix of 60's, 70's, and 80's classic and hard rock with some great deep cuts in a powerful arena rock fashion.  The band truly needs to be witnessed live to feel and experience what they bring to the music that they play.  The heart of the sound is the monster playing of the rhythm section with John Soos on drums and Sean "MeanScene" Tevlin on bass. They provide the power and backbone of the music. Then there is the incredible Mark Christopher Kohut on Guitar. A true artist. His playing is honestly an absolute joy to experience. Last but not least is the flawless Kevin Brady on vocals who's lifelong acquired vocal skills complete the band.  Again KRYER needs to be seen live to feel the power and pure talent that give them such an incredible sound and give an audience a true rock and roll show. To this end KRYER has included some amazing live music for your listening pleasure. Below is the track listing. 

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All tracks recorded live at a VIP event.


Song 1 - Little Guitars

Song 2 - The Jean Genie/ I'm Down

Song 3 - We're An American Band

Song 4 - Deuce

Song 5 - No Matter What

Song 6 - Rock This Town

Song 7 - Time of the Season

Song 8 - Bulls on Parade

Song 9 - Romeo Delight




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